How do you choose the right incense for your meditation session-

Meditation sessions can help you balance and manage your day-today life. Incense is an essential element to include in your meditation session. This can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful session.

Five core senses are essential for humans: touch, sight, hearing and taste. Each sense is important in keeping your mind alert and influencing how you feel. Each of these sensory inputs is taken into the brain and used to determine how you will react to your surroundings. Research has shown that certain music can influence the purchase decisions of shoppers.

According to one research organization, Baroque Music at 60 beats per minutes can influence shoppers to spend 38% more in their shops. Incense can also make a big difference in a meditation session. This is because it affects the sense of smell.

It is important to choose the right type of incense. Let’s take a look at some of the incense options. One thing I want to point out is that you have many options when it comes to incense .

#1 – Lavender Fragrance & Incense

Meditation can be stressful and tense. Lavender is the best incense to use as a starting point. Although there are many theories about why lavender is such a great tool, the main reason we know for sure is that it helps you relax and makes you feel anxious. When you first start using lavender incense, make sure to use it in a powder or stick form. Stick incense is safer. When you are done using the powder incense, make sure to dust it off.

#2 Inducing sleep – Violet or Jasmine Incense

The violet or jasmine incense is best if you are looking to induce sleep.

#3 Sexual Energy- Rose, Gardenia, or Orange Blossoms

Rose, Gardenia, or Orange Blossoms are the best incense to use for a meditation session with your partner. To help increase sexual desire, you can also use fragrance oils in meditation.

#4 Mood Enhancement – Fruity Fragrances

Mood Enhancement Incenses such as fruity scents can improve your mood. If you feel down, incenses and oils containing fruity scents such as berries, bananas and plum will help improve your mood. You can also use this to help your partner.

#5 Energy Enhancements- Citrus Fragrances

Citrus fruit incense is a great choice if you are looking for energy and a freshening of the mind during meditation. Incense can be made with mandarins or orange, grapefruit, and even apple. Citronella, a citrus scent that repels moths and mosquitos, is also great for meditation.

#6 Sweet Smell Enhancements Vanilla Fragrances

You can enhance your meditation sessions with sweet smells such as peppermint and coffee. These incenses are used to improve our emotions. They also provide clarity, stimulation, and energy.

Be careful when using herbs and spices. When they are burned, certain herbs and spices can produce foul-smelling odours. Some spices can even be toxic.

The right incense can make all the difference to a successful meditation session. Lavender is the best incense to use when you’re just starting out. However, if you’ve mastered the basics you can try a mixture of these incense types.

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