Here Are the Most ‘Attractive’ Global Cities

Many major global cities saw a significant decrease in competitiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic, as governments tightened border restrictions and imposed tough social distancing restrictions, according to the 2021 Global Power City Index (GPCI).

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Google Layoffs Labeled ‘Needless’ as Hundreds Lose Jobs in New Cuts

Google is laying off hundreds of its employees in its hardware, voice assistance, and engineering teams. 

“We’ve had to make some difficult decisions about ongoing employment of some Google employees and we regret to inform you that your position is being eliminated,” the company told some workers, per  The New York Times

In a statement, the company s…

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Mozilla Is Rethinking Venture Capital

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Right now seems like a moment of unique opportunity for many internet entrepreneurs. Hundreds of thousands—maybe millions—of Twitter users are searching for a platform to make their new online home, amid Elon Musk’s scorched-earth uphe…

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How Can We Fix Facebook-

Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, revealed her identity on Sunday as the whistleblower who handed thousands of internal Facebook documents to Congress.

She is set to testify in front of the Senate subcommittee on consumer protection at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Her testimony comes a day after Facebook suffered a global outage—affecting the daily lives of hundreds of millions …

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Russia to Slash Oil Output, In Retaliation for Sanctions

Russia said it will cut oil output by 500,000 barrels a day next month, following through on a threat to retaliate against western sanctions and sending oil prices sharply higher.

The output reduction, which is the equivalent of about 5% of January output, has been hinted at repeatedly by the Kremlin since the European Union and G-7 began discussing capping the price of Russian exports. T…

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Senators Call For Crypto Regulation After FTX Crash

Less than a month after the stunning collapse of the crypto exchange FTX, Congress held its first hearing on Thursday on what Washington should do amid the fallout. Senators called for swift legislative action to safeguard consumers but many disagreements still exist over the shape of those actions. Debates will likely continue for months on how, exactly, crypto should be regulated in the U.S. …

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How Frances Haugen’s Team Forced a Facebook Reckoning

Facebook’s civic-integrity team was always different from all the other teams that the social media company employed to combat misinformation and hate speech. For starters, every team member subscribed to an informal oath, vowing to “serve the people’s interest first, not Facebook’s.”

The “civic oath,” according to five former employees, charged t…

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The Man Behind Ethereum Is Worried About Crypto’s Future

In a few minutes, electronic music will start pulsing, stuffed animals will be flung through the air, women will emerge spinning Technicolor hula hoops, and a mechanical bull will rev into action, bucking off one delighted rider after another. It’s the closing party of ETHDenver, a weeklong cryptocurrency conference dedicated to the blockchain Ethereum. Lines have stretched around the blo…

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What Netflix’s Password Sharing Crackdown Means for You

Netflix, the streaming company that once tweeted “Love is sharing a password,” has begun cracking down on password sharing in the United States, as it looks to increase revenue in what has become a saturated streaming market.

The company has previously said that more than 100 million subscribers worldwide access Netflix through password sharing and revealed in April 2022 that…

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Why ‘Polycrisis’ Was the Buzzword of Day 1 in Davos

In 2023, TIME will once again recognize 100 businesses making an extraordinary impact around the world. Applications for the TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2023 are open, now through March 1, 2023. Apply here.

Hello from the Swiss Alpine town of Davos, where scores of political power brokers and corporate executives—plus a fair few experts, activists, and journalists…

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