Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Launches New Dip Trippin’ Trio

The limited-time Dip Trippin’ Trio features a basket of fresh, warm tortilla chips served with three full-sized dips including fire-roasted Arbol Chile Salsa, handmade Guacamole, and the brand’s signature Queso topped with freshly diced pico de gallo.

You can find the Dip Trippin’ Trio at participating locations chainwide for a suggested price ranging fr…

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Can Cruises Become Climate Change Friendly-

To future archeologists, mega cruise ships might be some of the strangest artifacts of our civilization—these goliaths of mass-engineered delight, armed with dangling water slides and phalanxes of umbrellas. Looking up at one, you might gain the impression that cruise companies are trying to awe their customers into having a nice time. We have built battleships of pleasure, toiling the wo…

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