Can Cruises Become Climate Change Friendly-

To future archeologists, mega cruise ships might be some of the strangest artifacts of our civilization—these goliaths of mass-engineered delight, armed with dangling water slides and phalanxes of umbrellas. Looking up at one, you might gain the impression that cruise companies are trying to awe their customers into having a nice time. We have built battleships of pleasure, toiling the wo…

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Testosterone Treatments Aren’t Linked to Heart Risks

Advertisements for treatments for “low T,” or low testosterone levels in middle-aged and older men, have led to spikes in demand. But the safety and legitimacy of those testosterone therapies hasn’t been clear.

In a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting, researchers provide the mo…

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Moderna Booster May Wane After 6 Months

Moderna reported today the first data on how well its currently authorized vaccine and booster hold up against the Omicron variant, which quickly dominated new infections around the world after health experts first described the variant last November. The company also announced that it is starting to study its Omicron-specific vaccine.

In a correspondence published in the New England …

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Why the Respiratory Disease RSV Is Having an Off-Season Surge

Dr. James Antoon, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, often goes an entire summer without diagnosing a single case of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The common illness, which typically results in mild, cold-like symptoms but can be severe in infants and elderly adults, usually goes along with the winter flu season.

But this summer, RSV cases a…

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Why Health Care is One of the Nation’s Most Violent Fields

Word spread through an Oregon hospital last month that a visitor was causing trouble in the maternity ward, and nurses were warned the man might try to abduct his partner’s newborn.

Hours later, the visitor opened fire, killing a security guard and sending patients, nurses and doctors scrambling for cover.

The shooting at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center in Portland wa…

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Why We Remember Music and Forget Everything Else

For many people, music feels like a part of our subconscious. It’s constantly playing in the background, whether we’re at a coffee shop, in the elevator, working from home, or even just walking down the street. Every year, Spotify tells us how many minutes we’ve spent listening to music. I spent 53,402 minutes in 2021—17 hours a week—which is far more time than I&r…

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