How Heidi Klum Reacted After Daughter Leni Found Her "Sex Closet"

Heidi Klum's "Sex Closet" Found by Daughter Leni

Forget Victoria's secret: Heidi Klum has a pretty NSFW confession.

The supermodel admitted that her oldest daughter Leni Klum, who she shares with ex-husband Seal, once stumbled upon her collection of sex toys. Or, as Heidi put it, "She found my sex closet."

Though the incident happened when Leni was younger, it left quite an impression on the now-19-year-old, who called into her mom's latest interview to recount the eyebrow-raising discovery.

"I thought it was the coolest thing ever," Leni shared through FaceTime during Heidi's appearance on Call Her Daddy's Jan. 31 episode. "I was going through it with my friends."

The teen model continued, "I was like showing it off to my friends like, 'Look at how cool this is. My mom has a whole cupboard, she has a whole drawer.' And I snuck them into my mom's room and opened the drawer, and we were all taking videos."

Leni said she "really had no idea" what she found at the time, though that didn't stop Heidi from giving her a lecture about respecting people's privacy. As she recalled, "My mom got so mad at me after, like, 'You can't go in my stuff.'"

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But that doesn't mean sexuality is a taboo topic in the Klum household. Heidi considers herself to be a very sexual person—naming the "very thorough" Magic Wand as her favorite sex toy—who's exceptionally comfortable with being naked. In fact, her habit of tanning topless in the backyard has often put Leni in an awkward position with her teenage friends.คำพูดจาก Game Casino

How Heidi Klum Reacted After Daughter Leni Found Her "Sex Closet"

"I remember having my girlfriends over and I'd be so embarrassed and scared," Leni shared with a laugh. "My friends would always be kind of standoffish, but it was always so normal in our family."


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And according to Heidi, "That's how I was brought up."

"My parents were running around nude in the house," the America's Got Talent judge explained. "We would go to FKK beaches. We had a camper and we'd go to places where everyone is nude."

However, Heidi noted that she's more covered up around the house since her kids—including Henry, 18, Johan, 16, and Lou, 13—are "not as open as I am."

"Strangely, you'd would think because I've kind of been like that their whole life," she added. "Maybe later in life they will be like that."

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